CCleaner® Network

Endpoint optimization for enterprise users.

When your network consists of large numbers of endpoints, visiting each one isn’t possible. With its centralized Admin Console, CCleaner Network gives you the power to ensure your endpoints are running clean, safe and fast without ever leaving your desk.

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Extend endpoint life cycles

CCleaner Network removes temporary files, memory dumps, log files, and other unneeded data. It also defragments hard drives. The result is endpoints that last longer.

Lower support costs

CCleaner Network helps with slow endpoints by removing extraneous files and clearing hard drive space. More efficient endpoints mean lower support costs.

Boost security

Browser history, cookies, and logs can be security risks. CCleaner Network erases them safely, and can wipe free space and MFT free space.

Limit data loss

Uninstalled software can leave behind registry keys and broken items which can cause application and system crashes that lead to data loss. CCleaner Network improves system stability and helps prevent data loss by clearing out the registry.

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LicenseCCleaner Network Edition
CCleaner Network Professional
(Clean and Defrag)
10 Workstations$199
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25 Workstations$475
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50 Workstations$850
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100 Workstations$1599
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