How to run CCleaner from a USB drive

We provide a special version of CCleaner you can install to and run from a USB drive.

Why would you use this? Well, if you go to an Internet cafe and browse the Web from there, you can use CCleaner portable on a USB stick to erase your browsing tracks. Or, if you want to erase some data from your work PC and they won't let you install software, the portable version of CCleaner can come in very handy.

Note: CCleaner Portable and CCleaner do exactly the same thing.

  1. Download the latest CCleaner Portable version (a ZIP file) at
  2. Unzip the contents of the ZIP file into a folder.

The contents of this folder contain all the files you need to run CCleaner Portable. You can now copy this folder to a USB stick.

To run CCleaner Portable, double-click the CCleaner.exe file in the CCleaner Portable folder.

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