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Recuva v1.43

We've updated Recuva to version 1.43. This new build adds and improves it's already comprehensive feature set! Download now, or existing users may update.


  • Added recovery of Alternate Data Streams.
  • Improved support for files larger than 4GB.
  • Filters are now applied dynamically with significant improvement in memory usage.
  • Filters added to "Save as file list" feature.
  • NTFS permissions are now reported correctly.
  • Improved reporting for failed zero byte files.
  • Improved accuracy of recovery potential for JPEGs.
  • Improved handling of free space during recovery.
  • Improved support for multiple monitors.
  • Minor GUI improvements.

Download now from www.piriform.com/recuva/download

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Speccy v1.17

The last year has seen significant changes to Intel's hardware line-up. So we've been working hard with our users to add support in Speccy for all the latest chipsets and processors. This new build of Speccy adds these new hardware detections, along with additional data our business users have been requesting.

Release Notes:

  • Added Computer type (Desktop, Laptop) to Operating System section.
  • Updated CPU detection for latest Intel Core i7 models.
  • Improved compatibility with LGA 2011 motherboards.
  • Added external drive information to Peripherals.
  • Improved detection of Sharing and Discovery for printers.
  • Improved exception handling.
  • Added language support for Kurdish.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes.

For more information on Speccy and to download visit www.piriform.com/speccy

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CCleaner for Mac v1.04

CCleaner has been updated to v1.04, and it's available to download from our site. Click here to download

New Features:

  • Added Login Item management.
  • Added removal of un-needed languages from applications.
  • Added Gatekeeper support for Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8).
  • Fixed bug that could cause results to be reported incorrectly.
  • Improved updating of cookie list after cleaning.
  • Improved support for cleaning individual rules.
  • Empty results are now hidden from detailed Analysis results.
  • Fixed issue that could incorrectly identify a running browser.
  • Several minor UI tweaks.

CCleaner for Mac supports OSX 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and the soon to me released 10.8 Mountain Lion. Along with all the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Note: The version in the App Store may not get updated as Apple have made the sand-boxing requirements mandatory, which prevents CCleaner from running. To manually update please first remove the old version of CCleaner and install the latest version from our site.

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CCleaner v3.20

Version 3.20 of CCleaner has been released! We've packed this update with new compatibility with Windows 8, the new Opera 12 and a Context Menu manager for Windows Explorer to disable any annoying menu items you don't need.
Download now!

Change Log:

  • Added Windows Explorer Context Menu management to Startup tool.
  • Added Windows 8 Release Preview compatibility.
  • Added Opera 12 support.
  • Updated History cleaning for Aurora.
  • Updated History cleaning for Chrome Canary.
  • Improved UAC bypass code.
  • Improved accuracy for uninstall items installation date and size.
  • Improved Scheduled Tasks detection.
  • Improved cleaning algorithm duplication detection.
  • Improved file and setting removal when uninstalling.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Download now from www.piriform.com/ccleaner

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CCleaner for Mac v1.03

CCleaner for Mac has now hit v1.03, and it's available to download from our site and the App Store. Click here to visit the CCleaner page in the App Store.

Change log:

  • Added detailed view of Analysis and Cleaning results.
  • Added secure deletion (up to 35 times overwrite).
  • Improved detection of uninstall applications.
  • Added support for multiple profiles in Google Chrome.
  • Cleaning non standard applications now need to be enabled by the user.
  • Improved cleaning of browsers while the browser is running.
  • Removed prompt for password when cleaning Recent Servers.
  • Improved handling of Wipe Free Space.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Safari extension settings to be removed.
  • Improved cleaning of Spotlight searches.
  • Fixed cleaning of Internet History in Google Chrome.
  • Added warning dialog for User Downloads.
  • Fixed repaint issue in 10.7.3 in Cookies section.

CCleaner for Mac supports OSX 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7, along with all current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Alternatively you can download from www.piriform.com/mac/ccleaner

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