Recuva - Reviews and Testimonials

File Recovery

We're gratified to hear that so many people - professionals in the media as well as everyday users have found Recuva to be useful.  Here's a small sample:

PC World
"If you just want a good un-delete program with a small disk footprint (and no financial cost), then Recuva is what you're looking for... the interface is the very model of restrained style and efficiency."
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Download Squad
"I like Recuva a lot. It's super-fast to install and to run. You just select a drive, and Recuva will scan for deleted files that have been deleted, including files that you've emptied from your recycle bin. If the file's recoverable, Recuva will tell you."
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"Discovering your files are missing is never a good time. Last week we asked you to share your favorite data recovery tools, then we rounded up the top five for your perusal. The result?
User friendly Windows-based Recuva took home the crown for top data recovery tool."

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"After using Recuva for a couple of days, I have ended up being very impressed with it. It is very fast with finding recoverable files and when you click on what you want brought back, it restores the file and sends it back to your hard drive within seconds."
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